Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Spanking Christmas Party

Christmas 1998. Wow, I can't believe it was ten years ago! My spanking friends and I had a Christmas party. There were seven of us there. We played cards, and watched some homemade spanking videos, but I was the only one who got spanked. And that was because J, my regular disciplinarian was there, and he decided that we should show everyone the kind of spanking I got. Great.

He had me bend over the back of the chair in the living room. J usually only spanked me bare bottom, and only for discipline, but he said since it wasn't a true discipline spanking, and it was in front of other people he would let me leave my jeans up. The rest of the group was a little disappointed - and I thought they were my friends!

He said he would give me five hard swats. With the 24 inch 7-ply Baltic Birch plywood fraternity paddle...with holes. Damn, I hated that paddle. It hurt like hell!

He gave me the first swat. Oh yeah, it was definitely a hard one! He let it settle in for a few seconds, then gave me the second one, as hard as the first. Another few seconds, and then the third swat. "How many was that?" he asked me.

"Three," I said.

He leaned towards me a little bit. "How many?" he asked.

I thought he hadn't heard me. I knew my count was correct. "Three," I said, a little louder.

He leaned closer, "How many?" he asked, louder.

I was just about to smart off and say "Three. What are you deaf or something?" when I realized what he wanted to hear. "Three, Sir," I said.

"That's better." The fourth swat came down hard. There was a pause, then he cleared his throat, indicating he was waiting on me to say something.

"Four, Sir," I said.

And then the fifth swat landed, harder than any of the first four. I almost jumped up, but didn't. "Five, Sir," I said.

He told me I could stand up. I stood, and as I rubbed my smarting bottom, I grinned and told him what I had almost said when he asked me how many for the third time. He laughed and then said, "If you had, you'd have gotten 10 more that hard on your bare bottom."

What can I say? The man loved my smart mouth, even though he spanked me regularly for it. Hell, maybe that's why he loved my smart mouth!

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Anonymous said...

Great story -- welcome to blogging!

I wonder how your friends reacted to your spanking. Given they were spankos, I imagine they liked it very much, no?